Naruto shippuden

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Naruto shippuden

Naruto Shippuden or Naruto II is a plot of the series Naruto mango, focuses on adventure and Buge Uzumaki Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha-finding mission after he left Konohagakure. In the 2nd plot is, the movement of Akatsuki organization more visible. Naruto Shippuden has also made his movie version with the title of Naruto Shippuden The Movie which will be released in December, and told that Naruto rise from the dead. After Naruto Shippuden The Movie was released, also attended Naruto Shippuden The Movie 2: Bond. This movie tells Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Yamato was given the mission to the Fire Nation, and met with Sora. Apparently Sora also has a fox tail called Psuedo-Jinchuuriki.

After returning to Buge village of Konoha, he was immediately greeted by Kakashi who gave the test re-entry of 7 teams. The test itself is different from the exam when it was first formed 7 teams. Kakashi serious this time and use the Sharingan. At first, Naruto and Sakura Kakashi overwhelmed by a powerful, fast plus it put the Sharingan. But the situation ended when Naruto managed to do "tricks used" on Kakashi and eventually make them pass the exam for the third time. After that, Naruto and his friends were given the mission to help level s Gaara, the Kazekage, from the hands of a mysterious organization called Akatsuki. Team 7 then pursue Akatsuki, accompanied by Chiyo, a mysterious old woman. Deidara Gaara then took the helpless to be taken to the Bijuu inside him. Team 7 helped the team leader Professor Gai 9 busted in Akatsuki hideout and fight them. Sakura and Chiyo against Sasori, Kakashi and Naruto chase Deidara. Sasori is the grandson of Chiyo happily against his grandmother. Chiyo and Sakura then combined to attack Sasori and Hiruko destroyed outside the body that was puppet named Hiruko. Sasori real body, which was still a child even more than 20 years left Suna has changed completely into a puppet. Only the heart are still human. Battle can not be avoided when the Kazekage puppet Sasori called third. With the ability, Sasori almost beat Chiyo and Sakura. But thanks to the alertness Sakura, they escaped from death. Chiyo then took out pamungkasnya stance, the White Secret Technique: Chikamatsu doll collection. Sasori is a puppet prime issue for 100 against them. After a fierce battle, Sasori finally be defeated with a sword thrust into jantungnya.Dia killed by a doll that turns out to be a replica of his parents own. Naruto and Kakashi are chasing Deidara, finally caught up after using the Mangekyou Sharingan Kakashi to decide Deidara and slow hand movements. Deidara is desperate to escape but could dikencingi briefly by Naruto. Deidara found hiding by a team of 9 and attacked. Urgency, Deidara pulled away peledakkan jutsu to cover her escape through the underground. Naruto and his friends then took the body of a dead Gaara. Chiyo excited to see Naruto sacrificed his life to save his life Garra and trade unutk revive Gaara. Konoha ninja back to the village after saying farewell to the Kazekage, Gaara.
In Konoha, Kakashi lying helpless because using the Mangekyou Sharingan in quick succession. He was then replaced by the Yamato, one who had become anbu Kakashi junior in the past. He became a temporary replacement for Kakashi. To complete the 4 person teams, then one more person ditunjuklah from "roots" named Sai. At first, Naruto and Sakura did not like it because of habit who often spoke of Sai rough. Even so, Sai only run principally as a "roots". Because ketidakkompakan team, Yamato rage and locked them in a wooden prison that familiar with each other. Here seen the other side of the sadistic Yamato and reflects a anbu: horrible, cold and intimidatif. Even so Yamato not mean any harm. Yamato was also given orders to watch Sai by Tsunade. And they then went to Tenchikyo to meet Sasori spy, who is none other than Kabuto, escape Konohagakure ninja. Apparently Kabuto only pretending to be a spy for Sasori trap. The match between the teams Yamato Kabuto and Orochimaru fight was inevitable. Naruto uncontrolled Kyuubi chakra and release large amounts, so he changed into the four tail Kyuubi form. He began to destroy the surrounding areas with devastating attacks without distinguishing friend or foe. Fortunately, Orochimaru still escaped and fled while the Yamato with wooden chakra (the same as the first Hokage chakras) to seal and return the body to form the original Naruto. Naruto felt guilty for hurting Sakura Kyuubi tails in the form of four. Naruto finally made it to Orochimaru hideout. It turned out that Sai has a mission to kill Sasuke. But he was frustrated because he saw the seriousness in the search for Sasuke Naruto. Sasuke turned out instead to be cold and would be utilized if Orochimaru could get revenge on Itachi Uchiha, who had slaughtered his brother Uchiha clan by himself. Sasuke then beat them all Yamato and the team returned to Konoha with some disappointment.
Naruto who was disappointed and asked to be trained by Kakashi. Kakashi then taught how to manipulate his chakra. He uses extreme methods, TajuKagebunshin, but it fits with the current state of Naruto. First she had to be cut leaves with the chakras, then cut the waterfall, and finally he had to complete Rasengan with wind chakra put into the Rasengan. Meanwhile, Tsunade instructed to search for Akatsuki members entering Konoha. Asuma, Shikamaru, Izumo and Kotetsu (2 Jonin who helped Asuma and Shikamaru) met with Hidan and Kakuzu. They then clashed with each other. Hidan turned out to have a strange body practically can not die. Although his head was cut off, still alive. Asuma was hurt badly hit by Hidan jutsu, which is all the injuries sustained Hidan, some will be about people whose blood has digunakkanya to seal jutsu. Asuma was near death affected this jutsu. Lucky Choji and Ino came to help, but it was too late, and Asuma asked last cigarette lit for him by Shikamaru. Shikamaru with great sadness dimulut Asuma cigarettes menyalakkan last time, crying amid the rain. Shikamaru revenge
Shikamaru then planned a second attack against Hidan and Kakuzu has killed Asuma. Despite allegations, Kakashi Shikamaru helped the team to find and destroy these two Akatsuki members. They then met at the Nara family-owned forests. Shikamaru Hidan fishing single combat with him, while Kakashi, Choji and Ino against Kakuzu. Shikamaru Hidan managed to trap and destroy the body, then buried it into a big hole that had been prepared. Hidan started yelling curse Shikamaru, but ignored by the concerned. Shikamaru even said that he only believed in Flames Konoha determination. Kakashi against Kakuzu, managed to kill 2 of 5 "heart" of Kakuzu. When the situation was almost desperate, Naruto, Yamato, Sakura and Sai came to help. Sai and Sakura were ordered to help Shikamaru, while Yamato and Naruto helped Kakashi et al. Naruto wants to prove that he had changed and become more mature and better to ask others to not interfere when he will fight with Kakuzu. Kakashi said, if he had not managed to beat Kakuzu, then he still ninja noisy as ever. Naruto pulled out his trusty new jutsu learned, Fuuton: Rasengan shuriken. After the first attack failed, Naruto cleverly using kagebunshin no jutsu to distract the enemy. Kakuzu finally defeated after a dramatic explosion Rasengan shuriken jutsu due to the target. They all then returned to Konoha, waiting for the next mission while living life as usual.
After Naruto beat Kakuzu, had shown no ninja-ninja amid falling and the ninja Sasuke was shown sitting and speaking with Orochimaru. Orochimaru told Sasuke still has mercy because they do not kill the ninja, the ninja. But Sasuke calmly responded Orochimaru words by saying that the ninja-ninja is not what he wanted to kill. and then highlighted back to Naruto and Sakura were talking at Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto had a slight hand injury from too much wear Rasenshuriken. then they both be remembered past. Back to Sasuke and Orochimaru, when Kabuto was talking to Orochimaru that the body could not take so long, after leaving Kabuto Sasuke Orochimaru moment comes suddenly break down the door and attacked Orochimaru Orochimaru suddenly. Sasuke has not explained that one could be found again from Orochimaru because Orochimaru weaker than he is now, and finally with sword sword Kusanagi and the electricity owned drew sasuke Orochimaru and Orochimaru's body was killed. but it turns out Orochimaru shows his form is actually a white snake form. They had to face Orochimaru Sasuke seriously and use the joutai his 2. Orochimaru suddenly remembering the past and remember the death of both parents and Orochimaru took Sasuke's body in Orochimaru's body there is another dimension that is used to retrieve the body of another person. this never happened to Itachi, but Orochimaru failed to get it because the sharingan Itachi is too strong. After that, the snake spitting Sasuke's body. Still questionable whether it Sasuke or Orochimaru. But it was Sasuke who escaped from Orochimaru Orochimaru using sharingannya.akhirnya lost.
Sasuke went to Orochimaru and freed laborotarium one experiment called Suigetsu. Then sasuke and Suigetsu went to retrieve Zabuza sword. They went into Orochimaru's prison guarded by Karin, after Sasuke told Suigetsu to free the captives, and Karin go with Sasuke and Suigetsu. sasuke was looking for one more person to be invited to join her team, which aims to kill Itachi. another one is expected to Juugo. Juugo stubborn and attacking Sasuke with joutai to her 2. He changed his hands into a large and Sasuke attack but was arrested by the wing's Sasuke, Suigetsu came and fought against Juugo. Juugo changed hands and face mnjadi axes Zanbato's sword Suigetsu (which once belonged to Zabuza). Sasuke suddenly pulled out two snakes and said "what if I kill you both". They both stopped fighting. Juugo became frightened and said "lock the door!! I do not want to kill lagiii!!". when Sasuke Juugo wanted reassurance .. Karin explained that Kimimaro can only reassuring Juugo. Only a successful fight Kimimaro Juugo without injured. Finally, when Juugo know that people who had joined him Uchiha Sasuke. Sasuke explains that the name of his team "Hebi" which means snake. Its main objective is "Uchiha Itachi". Each has its own purpose. Aims to kill Itachi Sasuke. Suigetsu aims to get a reply Samehada Kisame's sword. Kerry aims to be with Sasuke and help Sasuke. Juugo aims to see how strong such Shinobi Sasuke and Naruto on the other hand who knows Sasuke has defeated Orochimaru Itachi also intends to pursue to find out about Sasuke. When it is highlighted piece of Itachi's standing with Kisame disuatu cliff, watching the rain and said "seems to be a storm".
Team Konoha
Meanwhile, the Akatsuki headquarters remaining members decided to look for Naruto immediately and take care of them. Because the chairman of Akatsuki see if the ninja of Konoha are a serious threat to them, not to mention the target platoon Itachi Sasuke. They then moved all four at once to prevent things that happen to Hidan and Kakuzu does not happen again. Naruto who had wanted to kill Itachi and then given a mission with his new team, amounting to 8 people. They were given the mission of capturing and interrogating Itachi Uchiha. The team contains Hatake Kakashi, Yamato, Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki, Sai, Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame and Hinata Hyuga.
Eventually they kill each other. Sasuke meet with Tobi and Deidara. While Naruto Kabuto unexpectedly met who unexpectedly gave her information. He then showed half of his face which he said was integrated with the soul of Orochimaru. Sasuke who has met with Deidara did high-level fight. Deidara took a stance which he said his secret he only
Teacher vs Student
Jiraiya who infiltrated the village to search for information Amegakure Pain, eventually known by Pein through telepatinya. Before meeting with Pein Jiraiya, Tsunade met with students once a child is Konan. Konan show himself as a man of paper. Pein finally met with Jiraiya. It turned out that Pein is the son of former students of Jiraiya with Konan, Yahiko, and Nagato. After learning that Pain is one of his students, was suddenly attacked Jiraiya Pain. This high-level battle, filled with moves great. In the midst of battle, Jiraiya saw that both eyes Pain is not unusual. New known by Jiraiya, those eyes are the same eyes that denganRikudou Sennin constriction Rinnegan.Dalam named Jiraiya, 2 teachers called sanninnya Fukasaku and shima and he turned into sennin fashion, the fight occurred and immediate pain Jiraiya managed by frog song genjutsu issued teacher, and he managed to kill 3 body pain but it appears wrote 3 other pain bodies and Jiraiya left hand cut them even reviving the defeated Jiraiya pain and one of them is similar to yahiko former student, in a state of urgency Jiraiya was able to defeat a pain and asked shima went to Tsunade to give this information, Jiraiya finally came back and he finally realized who the original form of pain but Jiraiya 5 spear and pierced his throat crushed in a state of dying, he remembered his past with Tsunade, Orochimaru, Sarutobi and the 4th Hokage and he remembered that naruto is the name of the character required Yondaime first novel "a brave ninja legend" and he decided that narutolah students will create world peace rather than pain, and he chose naruto by giving the secret code before she dies Fukasaku
Main Goal
Naruto and colleagues then went on a search, relying kagebunshin Naruto. Unexpectedly kagebunshin one finds Sasuke Sasuke though direct destroyed with Chidori. Naruto who received the news that the experience gained through kagebunshin then asked Hinata Sasuke and the team track immediately in pursuit. But in the middle of the journey, they were intercepted by Tobi. Naruto who was harassed constantly attacked with Rasengan, but Tobi does not look the slightest injury, even as just playing around. While the finding Itachi Sasuke immediately start fighting with each other through genjutsu attack against Itachi. In the middle of the fight Itachi told him about the Mangekyou Sharingan user to 3, that is Madara Uchiha, who was a teacher of Itachi. Itachi also said that on the night Uchiha clan massacre, he was also assisted by Uchiha Madara. Itachi told that Madara Uchiha Mangekyou already have a perfect power after his brother took his own eyes. Itachi also told Sasuke that he wants to take Sasuke's eyes to improve the Mangekyou Sharingan. They were seen Zetsu fight. Sasuke Itachi by urging direct style with the illusion of eye Tsukoyomi taken Itachi Sasuke. But unexpectedly, Sasuke managed to break Tsukoyomi. Itachi was also hurt by the effect of making Tsukoyomi bleeding left eye and her vision began to blur. Sasuke also use it with a trap out shuriken and Itachi injured leg. Sasuke and Itachi took out a stance Gokakyuu no jutsu. Itachi is pushed out the second stance, Amaterasu, langusng black fire burning in the surrounding woods and managed to burn the wings joutai 2 Sasuke, but Sasuke managed to escape with the stance of Kawarimi no jutsu Orochimaru who spent chakranya. He trapped Itachi with a sky dragon style hot air. The rain fell and lightning flashing. Sasuke harness the power of nature with Kirin stance but Itachi survives with Susano'o style. Orochimaru out of Sasuke with the seal supernatural beings Yamada no Orochi Kusanagi sword. But he was defeated by Totsuka sword hidden in the stance Susano'o and send the entire joutai Orochimaru and Sasuke in genjutsu dream. Sasuke tries to attack but failed because Itachi Itachi still protected by Susano'O. Itachi approaches Sasuke. Sasuke thinks Itachi taking Sasuke's eyes, but Itachi touched Sasuke's forehead as he often did as a child. Itachi collapsed and died. Fatigue, Sasuke collapsed beside him. In other places, Tobi was fighting with a group of seven and eight. Shino took over the attack on Tobi. Tobi was surrounded by thousands of insects, but after a while he disappeared without a trace. Then Hinata found on the tree branch with Byakugan. When they were still thinking about the person who can use the Tobi travel time space jutsu, which appears Zetsu Tobi informed that the match between Sasuke and Itachi had been completed and the winner is Sasuke. Naruto and his friends are surprised to hear it. Kakashi looked at Tobi, and he saw the hole Sharingan Tobi mask. Tobi and Zetsu leave and disappeared instantly. Naruto and his friends headed to where Sasuke and Itachi fight at full speed. Along the way they deal with obstacles black fire Amaterasu, Amaterasu Yamato to cut through. But after arriving, they have been late because of Sasuke and Itachi had been brought by Zetsu and Tobi. Tim Eagle and Sage Naruto Engineering In a dark cave Sasuke awakened from swoon and looked confused. then suddenly heard a voice from the darkness of the cave. The voice comes from Tobi, Tobi started to introduce themselves to unmasking of a mystery so far. Although not yet fully open've seen Tobi's sharingan that makes Sasuke was surprised to see him. In a surprise, Sasuke accidentally pulled Amaterasu, Amaterasu was instantly on his right hand and then burn the whole Tobi Tobi's body without the rest, surprisingly few moments later from the dark cave, Tobi came back without the slightest injury. Sasuke is at odds with what he had done to Tobi, Tobi and asked Tobi also explained to sasuke why he can issue Amaterasu. Tobi explains that Sasuke have a stance because shortly before his death, Itachi gave all Sasuke.Akhirnya Tobi jurusnya to any story about the founding of his past konohagakure village, the story of his defeat in the first Hokage and the reason why itachi killed all the clan members uciha. Actually, konohagakure is a merger of the village and a cease-fire between clans and clan Senju uciha. After the formation of konohagakure, Uchiha Madara wanted to revolt against the Senju clan who now dominate the government. He invites fellow clan for a rebellion, but they are more in love peace and reject the invitation Madara. Madara went away and fight hokage1 alone, but, he lost. Uciha Itachi killed the clan because they were given the mission by Konoha. Itachi confronted by the terrible choices, that's when itachi finally chose to slaughter the entire clan uciha. But, he could not kill his brother even sendiri.sasuke commemorate its past with itachi.di Konoha naruto knows that Jiraiya was the teacher of Jiraiya tewas.fukasaku requested that sage naruto learn techniques beyond himself and beat off to pain.akhirnya naruto myobokuzan with Fukasaku . in other places to hunt sasuke so strong hachibi.hachibi karin and Suigetsu beat but can be defeated by Amaterasu sasuke.raikage given permission to arrest konoha.pada sasuke hachibi.hachibi when extraction was successful yadg.

Fight Konoha
Kakashi vs Pain Meanwhile, Konoha village situation was very chaotic because assaulted leaders 'Akatsuki' the Pain and Konan. Pain that has had a new body, a very strong and invincible. Pein who met with direct Iruka was about to kill him but was saved by Kakashi. Pain and Kakashi battle began. Kakashi is issued raikiri easily deflected by Pein. Tsunade is going to call Naruto back by the elderly frog, was arrested by Danzo. Naruto undergoing 'experiment with the chakra test senjutsu' for the latter was also a barrier. Konoha increasingly critical. Konan also began to react with body jutsu change into paper. Tsunade is very worried about the state of the village of Konoha, immediately called his Kuchiyose. Kakashi vs Pain getting near the end. But at that time one came to help the pain body pain is one of bebrubah body into a weapon and attacked Kakashi. but because of the greatness Kakashi Kakashi change into shadow clones cakranya lightning. Kakashi's body was weak because it removed all chakranya. akhinya came two members of the Akimichi clan, one that comes is Chouji's father. Akimichi clan's arrival, was helped a lot for Kakashi. Although in a state of urgency, Kakashi can still have the idea. Initially, the idea is running smoothly for the attack Pain through the soil by Kakashi attacks. It was just a trick Kakashi, to attack Pein by Chouji and his father. The attack can be held by one body of Pein is Asura. In the state of shock, Kakashi increasingly helpless. And he attacked one of Pein with spikes coming from the collapsed buildings. In other places, Naruto who was worried about her village break if attacked by the Akatsuki. Fukasaku tried to console her by praising Konoha ninja-ninja. After the break is complete, Fukasaku took Naruto to a new exercise is Fusion. Shortly before the nail is about Kakashi's Mangekyou Sharingan he uses to remove the nail and Kakashi uses his last power to help chouji who will report to Tsunade. At the same time Danzo original intention of the new Hokage. Naruto and Konoha Meanwhile, Tsunade Katsuyu assigned to evacuate all victims of Konoha ninja. Yamanaka clan also contribute. They are looking for information about Amegakure Pain in the village. Pain is the only body that is Deva, was still alive and attack foiled Chouji and Kakashi sharingan mangekyo through. With limited chakra, Kakashi for the last time remembering the past and think about friends

Naruto vs Pain
Naruto has returned from his training by using clothing as Hokage clothes. Naruto Tsunade demanded to withdraw from the fight against Pain. Naruto sage shown strength, turned out two dead bodies at the hands naruto pain. after a terrible battle that ultimately only 1 left pain and horrible reality known last pain that was not the original original body pain in the tree made of paper along with Konan. Mad because naruto will lose out and protect hinata but hinata naruto dying of pain immediately, before the pain hinata express her feelings to naruto. Naruto hinata assaulted knowing, angry that issue until the tail Kyuubi chakra is forced out 6.Pain strongest and forbidden seals called "chibaku Tensei" to imprison Kyuubi. At the same time instigated by the phantom naruto fox in order to open the seal, at the time of going last unseal the seal's tail to nine, suddenly came fourth Hokage to see naruto. Yondaime told that naruto is his own son, and make naruto proud because his father was Hokage. Apparently Yondaime also know about Jiraiya, Tobi aka Madara, and the power of Pain. Then naruto got up and pulled out Sage chakra he finally began to attack the god Realm Pain with Shuriken Rasengan. Then God Realm against Rasengan Shuriken with Shinra Tensei. Elsewhere, Hinata finally rescued by Sakura. Naruto holds Pain Kagebunshin not to move. But that failed Tensei Shinrai against Rasengan Shuriken also saved Pain. Finally Naruto Thousand Kick out the shadows and Pain only give time 5 seconds. Kagebunshin attack naruto could not save. But last Jurus, Rasengan of Pain body. Pain was thrown and lost. He then took the iron in the body that Nagato pain can not control the pain, god father realm.Dia met Ino and Shikamaru. They hold naruto to be saved. But Naruto urged to leave. Shikamaru dad let go naruto shikamaru remembering words. Naruto went into a tree made of paper Konan made and entered into the tree with a tear. Naruto asked Nagato Naruto truth before answering questions from Nagato. Nagato was told that his parents had been killed by Konoha ninja when the great war occurred in the village Amegakure. Nagato accidentally killing the two men Konoha. After burying their parents, met Nagato Konan and Yahiko. When they saw the battle of Konoha 3 (Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru) and Hanzou, Yahiko said that he would be god for war will never happen. At the same time Nagato wanted the same dream with Yahiko. After that they were looking shinobi who can survive on the battlefield. They met Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru. Jiraiya finally teach them Ninjutsu. After three years with Jiraiya finally returned to Konoha and the third man (Yahiko, Konan, Nagato) find a partner that same boat with them. They are quite well known organizations with leaders of Yahiko. Hanzou who feels his power to interfere with the organization Yahiko et al. finally joined the Danzou. Konan was kidnapped by them and ask for Konan good condition, ie kill Yahiko. Nagato was doubtful because the conditions will not want to kill his friend and did not want her friend were killed Hanzou. Yahiko finally ran into Nagato and jabbed into his own Kunai. Yahiko was eventually killed. Nagato anger at Hanzou unstoppable. He took power from the eyes 'Rinnegan' Kuchiyose call it: 'Gedou Mazou'. Then came the problem of a large statue (Which is now a storage device by Akatsuki Bijuu) who devoured Hanzou's army and Amegakure Konoha ANBU. And Hanzou was able to escape from attacks Nagato, and that the answers given Nagato naruto. Nagato was now also wants answers from naruto. naruto said that the hermit had mempercyainya bawdy and naruto believe what I believe by the hermit's bawdy and give answers to the Nagato naruto. Nagato finally mempercyai Naruto and he was using the Gedo jurusnya Rinne Tensei no jutsu to revive all the Konoha villagers that he had killed, including the anbu and teacher Kakashi Hatake. all was over, as a farewell flowers Konan gave hope to Naruto.
5 Kage meeting in the village of Iron
the villagers were happy to welcome Naruto the hero who saved the village from the attack Akatsuki leader Pein powerful the god. naruto back to the village and live as usual, danzo the anbu squad leader who knows that the president has been defeated Akatsuki naruto felt bangga.Danzo know that Tsunade was dying, he had taken expert leadership to Konoha village. Raikage's brother who is a killer bee tail eight Bijuu ordered his men to go to Konoha to invite Hokage in five Kage meeting to be held in the state of iron, whereas in the sunagakure gaara and others left for a meeting place, in other places and tsuchikage mizukage prepared to go into a meeting place. The Raikage growled see sasuke uchiha behavior that had attacked his village and murdered his brother is a killer bee's tail eight. Raikage ordered his men to kill sasuke uchiha. naruto who knew the news would not stay silent And he hurried away toward the country with an iron Kakashi and Yamato, but the move stalled after he met raikage and he was not allowed to go to the meeting. sasuke wrote on his way to Konoha to change direction towards the fifth meeting danzo Kage to kill the Hokage to 6, Meeting starts from the beginning of the meeting was already heating up the atmosphere they were eager to take the expert-led alliance of five major countries. The meeting was almost over and it was decided that the alliance danzo five leading this great country. Zetsu suddenly appeared in the middle of the crowd and said that the uchiha sasuke be with him. Elsewhere on naruto being attacked by none other than Tobi reply is Madara uchiha kyubi covetous grasp, but the Yamato and Kakashi membiarkanya not touch naruto direct them to attack Madara uchiha.

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